Affordable Kitchen Countertop Nano Gardens

There may have been a time when gardens were primarily used in the soil for outdoor gardens or a quaint little window box provided fresh vegetables and plants for consumers. That’s not the case anymore. More consumers today, are opting to grow their favorite vegetables with countertop Kitchen Nano Gardens. The best way to eat healthier, fresh vegetables is to grow them yourself. These innovative kitchen countertop types are realistic concepts that can be integrated into the basic everyday functions of your kitchen. Feel free to read some more about nano gardens here.

The Click & Grow by Smart Garden 3

The best types of nano gardens for kitchen countertop applications will allow you to garden inside all year. You can grow all of your favorite herbs and spices without being concerned about the weather. It comes with very simple set-up instructions right out of the box, simply place the plant cartridges into the container, fill the water reservoir, and plug in the unit, and it’s ready to grow. It has over 40 fresh fruits and herbs that are pesticide free and come packaged in pre-seeded capsules. Indoorblooms also has a lot more ifnrmation about this.

The Click & Grow uses Smart Soil Technology (SST) it’s a patented Nanotech growth medium that promotes plant growth and does not jeopardize the quality of the plant. This Nano Garden has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 100% replacement warranty.

The Spigo Indoor LED Grow Garden

This is a beautifully designed oval LED lighting system that is encased in a pearl white finish. It produces incredible plants and herbs that are nutritious and they also promote a healthier living style. It has a built-in auto-light controller that emits 8hrs of white light, 8hrs of fuchsia light, and 8hrs in off mode.

The convenient water gauge will display how much water is left in the reservoir and it will grow succulents, herbs, nettle plants, cactus plants, grasses and other plant types. This is a great gift for people that love to cook and have fresh herbs and spices available on demand with the added convenience right from their kitchen.

THe iRSE Indoor Garden Kit

This is a hydroponics LED growing system that uses two self-watering gardening pots. Grow healthier herbs and plants with the latest in hydroponics technology. It features 3-modes for LED lighting with a built-in timer, 16hrs on and 8hrs off, on 24hrs, and off 24hrs. It also has a pink plant growing light and a white reading light. The intelligent hydroponic system will promote beautiful vegetables, plants, herbs, tea, and fruits without any soils.

This Nano Garden is very easy to use right out of the box and comes with planting media, fertilizers, and lettuce seeds. This is perfect for people who want to eat fresh pesticide-free vegetables and have them at their convenience. It’s also a great gift for the curious kid who wants to learn to garden and learn more about growing organic vegetables from home.

For more information these quality Nano Gardens and other indoor growing applications. Please visit our site today and get fresh vegetables, plants, and herbs that you can grow yourself.

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