Best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain

If you’re on the hunt for the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain, then you probably spend lots of hours in front of a computer on a daily basis. Whether you are a gamer, a student or an office worker, do you know that using a computer mouse on the regular poses a health risk?

Most people probably use the mouse more than the keyboard. The excess use causes wrist pain which is a common problem affecting many computer users. The regular mouse exposes your hand to stress. However, the ergonomic mouse comfortably fits in your hand and has a natural grip. Therefore the muscles and tendons in your hands won’t be stressed out even if you spend the entire day on your computer. Below are the best ergonomic mice ideal for wrist pain.

The J-Tech Digital V628

It’s a vertical mouse that enables you to spend endless hours on your computer. It provides comfort and eases wrist pain. The J-Tech Digital V628 firmly anchors your hand, therefore, minimizing stress in the wrist area. Using it is effortless. With this particular mouse, you don’t have to install drivers. All you have to do is plug the USB, and your mouse will be ready for use. It features thumb-controlled buttons that enable easy navigation. It’s uniquely designed with a LED blue light that looks quite appealing. It’s light, small in size and very portable. It greatly minimizes twisting and stressing the hand.

The HAVIT Wireless Vertical Mouse

The HAVIT mouse fits naturally in your hand. It feels like a joystick, and you can, therefore, move it with ease. It features six buttons. The scroll wheel, DPI, forward, left, right and back. It enables your thumb and fingers to lay effortlessly on the mouse. It is compatible with many operating systems. Plus you can tailor the controls, therefore, using it becomes easy. The mouse connects with your computer with the aid of a Nano receiver.

The Gaming-Utech Smart Venus MMO Gaming Mouse

The Utech Smart Venus is the best ergonomic mouse for gamers. You will be able to play for long hours without tiring. On the left side, there’s a thumb grid, and the buttons are evenly spaced. It also features a natural grip. Therefore, the chances that it will slip are minimal. Your hand will always be in a neutral position. It has eighteen buttons that you can customize to execute different functions. It’s ideal for average sized hands. You can also add or reduce the weight of the mouse. It’s affordable and very comfortable for gamers.

The Adesso iMouse E-9 (Left-handed Mouse)

Adesso inc finally put into consideration the left-handers. It has an appealing look with attractive blue lighting. The vertical mouse supports your forearm, minimizes twisting of the hand, therefore preventing wrist pain. Your hand assumes a handshake position that doesn’t stress any muscles. The six-button design guarantees easy navigation with minimal movement of the hand. The Adesso iMouse can be used on a variety of surfaces without a mouse pad such as wood, glass and even leather. It’s one of the best ergonomic mice for left-handers.

The Logitech 910-001799 M570

The Logitech mouse features a stable tracking ball that allows you to spend endless hours on your computer comfortably. Your armrests in a supported position, therefore, minimizing stress. The trackball is very beneficial because you won’t have to move your hand when moving the cursor, therefore minimizing fatigue. It is flexible and can be used anywhere. You can also tailor the speed of the mouse. Additionally, it has long battery life.


When it comes to ergonomics, everything matters. When you are suffering from wrist pain, you will be unable to execute your tasks efficiently. Thanks to ergonomic mice, you can prevent wrist pain. Above are five of the best ergonomic mice that are suitable for avoiding wrist pain.

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