Carole Martin Women’s Strapless Comfort Bra Review

Women have varying preferences when it comes to the designs of the bras since some prefer the bras that are wireless for comfort purposes. Although we are used to seeing women wear these kinds of bras with straps, now there are other designs made without straps. Such that, you can still pair your favourite strapless top with a strapless and wireless bra. The following review shows features of one of the best wireless and strapless bar in the market for all sizes of women.

Carole Martin women’s strapless comfort bar review.

The special features that make this bra to be preferred over others include;

The bra is non- padded

This is the best bra that can be worn by just anyone including the women with large breasts. This is because the lack of padding makes it easy for one to find a good fitting with ease. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding the right wire size for the underboob part since the bra has no wires. It is recommended for pregnant women since it allows them to feel comfortable, and they can use the bra for a long time considering it is stretchy.

Multi-directional stretchy

The bra can be stretched in different directions for a comfortable and right fitting for different sizes. This makes it ideal for people who are size B, C, and D cup. This also allows the bra to adjust to different comfortable fits. The stretchy feature on the bar allows it to cling to the body such that you will not need to keep on pulling it up, unlike other strapless bras.

Available in different colors

The bar is made of three natural colors which make it blend with different shades of colors. The available colors are black, white and nude.


The bra is quite versatile as it can be worn by any woman and of any shape. The fact that the lower part does not have wires allows the bar to take the shape of your body hence cradling to the body. Both the lower and the upper sides are made of spandex and elastic material that is strong to hold on tightly to the body. The bra is quite comfortable to the skin and one can wear it during any season including the summer since it absorbs all sweetness. Note that for those who love boob tops, you can pair this piece of a bra with any outfits such as the pants or even a high waist skirt and you will still look elegant.


The inner side of the bar is made with comfortable materials that feel soft and smooth to the skin at all times.


Carole Martin women’s strapless and wireless bra is the best alternative for women who want to rock a strapless bra but without wires. The bra is quite comfortable and can be worn by all women regardless of the shape since it takes the shape of the person wearing it to give a comfortable fit.

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