How Working on Your Laptop in Bed is Bad for Your Health

It might seem a bit relaxing to lie in bed with your back leaning against a pillow or squatting right on your bed but the truth is that it is bad for your health. A lot of people are used to doing this but the fact is that if you happen to be one of such people, you need to stop doing this as it is bad for your health. In most cases, when you work on your computer while in bed, you tend to lean in a wrong posture that can lead to a backache if you work for a long period of time in this manner.


When working for a long period of time in a poor sitting position you tend to cramp up your back muscles which becomes sore from the shortage of blood supply around the body. A backache can be an uncomfortable situation to deal with as it can affect your productivity and also make it difficult for you to sit, lie or move around. Also, the shortage of blood supply to the brain resulting from a poor sitting position can cause a headache. If you work for hours in a poor sitting position, then the chances that you will suffer from a headache is on the high since your brain is getting enough blood circulation. You can also suffer from cramps and joint pains if you work for too long on your bed.

A drawback of working in bed is that it can be a bit harmful to your eyes to work too close to your PC. When you work in bed, your computer screen tends to be too close to your eyes which can lead to eye injury if you left unchecked. Reducing your screen brightness to the barest minimum of using screen guard for reducing the effect of bright lights on your eyes is a good way to protect your eyes from damage while working on a computer system. Keep in mind that if you work in bed quite often, you need to go on breaks and don’t make it a habit of working too long in bed to reduce the chances of damaging your eyes.

Neck injuries are another health problem associated with working for long hours on your computer while lying or sitting in bed. Bending your head while staring down at your computer can cause your neck to suffer fatigue due to a poor sitting position.

The best way to avoid the health problems associated with working on your computer while in bed is to source for a quality computer desk. Ensure to look out for one that is made from quality materials to offer you value for your money. If you also happen to have a friend or a close relative who is in the habit of working on their computers in bed, then you probably want to share this piece with them or better yet gift them a computer desk if you are equal to it.

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