OxGord Signature Car Cover Review

This excellent car cover is a product of OxGord Company. It is made of long-lasting and robust materials, and thus guarantees to keep a vehicle clean and protected from any hazards. The car cover comes in seven different sizes. It is manufactured with heavy-duty materials and also comes with built-in grommets, storage bag, and drawstring for secure fastening. Ensure you get your desired size today! Find out more at autoshopaccessories.

Overview and Benefits of OxGord Car Cover

With new cars, it is essential to maintain their new look. This freshness and a new look can only be achieved if you buy OxGord Car Cover. The cover is durable, non-abrasive and breathable. Therefore, it keeps a car’s finish looking new. Another benefit of this unique cover is that it protects your vehicle from the dangerous ultra-violet rays of the sun. OxGord premium Car Covers is the most elegant thing to hit the car’s protection world since the invention of the garage. The covers are fitted with a double layer and woven polypropylene fabric. These features offer a better water resistance capability compared to the standard cover. They are second to none when protection is taken into account. The cover is one of its kind as it is the only one that protects cars against UV lights. It is made possible by the addition of some substances to every OxGord Cover. Ensure you search the internet for OxGord Signature Car Cover Review. You will have an idea of what to expect if you wish to purchase this exclusive car cover soon.

Exclusive Features of OxGord Car Cover

  • OxGord Car Cover is a hundred percent waterproof. This aspect makes it perfect for outdoor usage
  • It has a storage bag to allow customers to transport it easily
  • It has elastic pull strings for a seamless snug fit
  • It also has a plush fleece lining. The lining does not damage a car’s finish
  • It has an antenna patch to help prevent high winds, locks, and theft

The Size Options of OxGord Car Cover

  • The XXS – it covers cars up to nine feet and six inches
  • The XS – this one fits vehicles up to eleven feet and three inches
  • Small – it covers cars up to thirteen feet and nine inches
  • Medium – covers cars up to fourteen feet and seven inches
  • Large – it fits vehicles up to fifteen feet and ten inches
  • XL – it covers vehicles up to sixteen feet and eight inches
  • XXL – it covers vehicles up to seventeen feet and five inches
  • The classic XXXL – covers vehicles up to nineteen feet and four inches

Lastly, this excellent cover is made with materials that contain a massive seven layers in total. Five layers consist spun-bond polypropylene, one layer of soft cotton and another layer of microporous film. The combination of these layers makes it a hundred percent water resistant. It does not only protect the vehicle from snow or rain but also protects it from dangerous UV rays and the temperatures’ inside the car.

However, the OxGord car cover is quite expensive compared to the standard covers in the market. Nevertheless, the price is not much high if you consider the cover’s durability and quality. It beats the standard covers in these features. The inside material is also soft, and it cannot scratch a car surface. Ensure you purchase one today to experience these exclusive benefits.

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