Steve Zissou Costume

Many movies have changed our lives. It has influenced us in so many ways. It gave us entertainment like no other. We could relate to the characters and the lines they spoke hit us hard. Many people are addicted to movies. They love watching films and appreciate the cinematography created. They appreciate art. They see the effort the characters and people behind the cameras invest for the production of the movie. Some of us even take the extra mile because of our love for the character. We mimic their look, their actions, and even their lifestyle. People have this as a hobby and even as a profession. This art is what they call cosplay.


Cosplay is the one-word shortcut for costume and play. The cosplayer is the name of the person who does this kind of art. The cosplayer plays with the costumes. He or she mimics the character of a movie, of a TV show or series, a rockstar, any type of celebrity, and the most famous are the anime characters. No wonder why the word cosplay was first used in an event in Japan and no wonder why many cosplayers around the world come from this country. When you speak of cosplay, Japan is the first country that comes to your mind. Japanese people are walking down the streets dressed up like their favorite anime characters.


Conventions, press conference, competitions, and all sort of events related to cosplay are being held in this country several times a year. Cosplay, however, spread throughout the globe and influenced even the western culture. Many Americans would also dress up like their favorite movie characters- be it the latest and most popular or the classics. They paint their bodies, put on some makeup, dress up, and even carry the symbolic accessories of the character. There are a lot of cosplay ideas circling the world be it online or offline. Cosplay would be perfect as a theme for an event and even as a Halloween costume. It could be as simple and also as intricate as possible. The cosplayer’s imagination is the limit. One of the simplest ideas for cosplay is the Steve Zissou costume. He is a movie character from The Aquatic Life with Steve Zissou starred by no other than Bill Murray. It is an adventure film of an oceanographer who sets out to kill a shark that killed his partner. The film has been nominated a number of times and has won some awards.


Steve Zissou is one of the simplest character ideas for cosplay. The apparel and accessories needed are quite basic and could even be found online. For people who want to go cheap yet achieve the complete look for the character, this is one of the stars of the movie to be considered. There are plenty of cosplay ideas online and the source of materials to achieve the desired outcome is present on the internet. Be it a movie star or an anime character, the online world would be of great help.

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