SureSeal by FireKing SS102 Safe Review

Over the years there have been a high number of fire incidences reported in different cities and neighbourhoods all over the world. The fires are normally a source of lots of destruction on properties and personal belongings of individuals’ i.e. important documents. Furthermore, it renders some of the victims homeless.

While people may be salvaged from fire incidences, it is hard to rescue the important documents, which may in turn be destroyed permanently. These documents are sometimes irreplaceable, thus, it is prudent to take the necessary measures to protect your documents from the potential damage. Some tips on how to keep your documents will be discussed in the review of Sure Seal SS102 Safe by Fire King.

The safe is designed and manufactured by the Fire King Company which mainly specializes in production of high-quality fire-proof equipment for homes and offices. This equipment is used to keep documents safe in case of fire breakouts. It has a variety of products which fit most customers specifications’. it also has a locking methodology made up of dual-compression latches and keys, which ensures that there is maximum security for your documents since you are the only one with access. Thus, it is immune to theft or illegal access.

The safe has a 350-fire rating which is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified. What this means is, the safe has the ability of resisting burning up to 30 minutes, and heat resistance up to 1550 degrees F temperature. It is also made in a way that will protect your valuable documents from damage by water in case the water pipes bursts or floods occur.

Features of the safe

  • Fire and water proofed
  • UL Certified 350 Fire Rating
  • Measurement of 12.2 *7.3*9.8
  • Dual Compression Latches
  • Key-lock
  • 20.4 Pounds weight


  • Higher anti-fire rating (350 rating)
  • Spacious enough to hold a lot of documents
  • Heavy and sturdy chest than it may appear
  • The latches lock swiftly with no hitches
  • Water resistant; documents stay intact under water for 48-hours.


  • Cannot accommodate a large volume of paperwork.

however much the safe is among the best in terms of class and quality;it is also guaranteed by its manufacturers, who have a reputation of consistently producing the best items in the industry. Sure Seal SS102 provides a dependable protection against water and fire as showcased by the adverts designed by the company’s marketing team. When compared to other models, the product stands out because of its high quality which gives it the capability to keep your documents safe.

Finally, the Sure Seal SS102 is indeed the best safe available in the market for fire and water protection. It has more than you will ever need for the safety of your documents. This product is worth every bill you might want to pay for it. It is also the best acquisition you will ever have for keeping your documents safe.

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