The Best MOOV NOW Fitness Tracker Review

Do you want to buy a fitness tracker? When it comes to choosing the best fitness tracker, you need to consider several things. The reason is many models and brands are becoming available, which means that finding the best may be tricky. When buying a fitness tracker, make sure you check the app software it uses, its battery life, and if it can allow you to sync the data, it receives back to your Smartphone. Remember that the latest models come with waterproofing, heart rate monitors and Smartphone notifications. In this article, we’ll review the MOOV NOW fitness tracker in detail. You can also see more fitness tracker information here


Features and Benefits

Real-Time (Audio Coaching)

One reason that makes the MOOV NOW to be the BEST WATERPROOF FITNESS TRACKER is that it provides you with real-time coaching. For instance, you will enjoy using this device while carrying out activities such as cycling, running and cardio boxing. Keep in mind that this model uses three times the number of sensors used in ordinary devices, meaning that you will enjoy getting real-time accuracy.

Advanced Device

This fitness tracker provides you with advanced features which recommend to you the best ways to improve your performance. For example, it offers you the best details on your stroke count stroke type, and lap analysis. The result is you improve your workout performance.

Waterproof and Longer Battery Life

The MOOV NOW tracker is waterproof, which means that it will serve you for longer. Its battery life can last up to six months, which means that you get the best value for your money. Keep in mind that the waterproofing quality is crucial if you plan to use this device while swimming. That’s because it ensures your device is protected from water damage.

Lightweight and Breathable Band

Another reason that should make you purchase this device is that it’s breathable and lightweight, meaning that you will enjoy wearing it during your workouts.

Speaks To You

The MOOV NOW tracker speaks to you, which means you get the opportunity to monitor your progress. The results are you get motivated to carry out your exercises.


• This device provides you with real-time coaching as you carry out cycling, boxing and running workouts.

• It’s waterproof and comes with a longer lasting battery, which means you get the best value for your money.

• It uses three times more the number of sensors used in ordinary devices.

• You will enjoy its advanced features that provide you with the stroke count, stroke type and lap analysis, and recommends ways for you to improve.

• It is lightweight and breathable, qualities that anybody who is searching for a fitness tracker will love.


As the above review shows, the MOOV NOW tracker is one device you should consider buying. It provides you with a chance to run longer and faster, perfect your cycling skills and ensures you enjoy your swimming. On the other hand, you will get the chance to experience cardio boxing using this device or enjoy full body workouts. Remember to check your budget estimates and read online reviews before buying fitness trackers.

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