What Accessories Can You Get For Your Toy Train Hobby


Train sets have always been a favorite toy for many kids. While they might not be as popular as they were in the past many children and even older hobbyists enjoy these mechanical playthings. Keep in mind that not all train sets are necessarily toys and some of them are actually models that cost thousands of dollars.

Hobbyists typically add lots of accessories to bring their train sets to life. This usually gives a train set a more realistic look. It makes it look more like a real-life model than a mere plaything. Here are a list and description train accessories that hobbyists can use to make their train creations come to life.

Rail Road Buildings

Rail road buildings are among the best accessories for wooden train tracks. They should be a standard feature of any hobbyist’s display. Buildings help to provide depth and realism to a track. The buildings can be old model structures from the past or modern train depot buildings from modern times. More elaborate sets can include train buildings and railyards. A more detailed set can even have a complex railyard that contains a maintenance depot. The point is that rail road buildings are an essential accessory for train depots.

Trees and Land

Another critical element to bringing a train set to life includes the use of trees and land. Trees are found within most environments and their inclusions within trainsets help to add dramatic effect. There are hobby companies that create various tree models that can be used for train sets. They make pine firs, oak trees and even sugar maples.

Some hobby manufacturers also make models which feature grass. They can even make other land formations such as dirt, sand, gravel or even roads. Land formations for train models help to make the sets look appealing and life like. It gives them a touch of realism that lets people know that these sets are more than just toys.

Passengers and People

A train set that has a model of people and passengers should also be included within a set. Workers are needed to make a train company operate. So, it just makes sense to have a model of train workers within a model. Passengers are important because they are moved from one location to the next by a train. So, placing passengers into a set should not be overlooked. People who are out in society are going about their daily lives, when trains pass by them. Every day people should also be included within a train set because they add another layer of reality.

Rail Crossings and Cars

What train set would be complete without a rail crossing and automobiles? People do not like waiting on trains. A hobbyist should include this feature of modern train systems within their sets. It would only make sense. Remember, most people encounter trains at railroad crossings and this will provide another great feature for a set.

Other Rail Accessories

There are plenty of other rail accessories that can be included within a set. They include ponds, houses and neighborhoods, street lights, electric utility lines, bridges, benches, stores and just about any other type of structure or object that would be seen in real life. Rail accessories make a great addition to any train set and should be used for this purpose.

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