What Are The Applications Of A Scroll Saw


For a start, a scroll saw is simply a small pedal-operated or electric saw. It does have a very fine blade that may conveniently pierce through wood or metal. The saw is generally quieter and quite effective at incising the materials mentioned. It also occupies less space and is thus very convenient to handle and operate. Because of its possession of the aforementioned advantages, it may be used for a variety of purposes.


The following are but a few of those purposes:

Creation of Intricate Curves

Some woodwork and metalwork comprise elegant decorations. These decorations contain curves as a standard part and parcel of them. Generating such curves require a great deal of skill and effort. These two feats can only be achieved when the right equipment is employed. The scroll saw fits this particular bill perfectly well. That’s because it has a very thin blade and is also highly responsive. It may hence be used to generate such curves, a task which, no other equipment can achieve.

Creation of Dovetail Joints

A dovetail joint is formed by combining two pieces of wooden materials. One material comprises the tapered projections called the tenons. The other wooden material comprises recesses, notches, or mortises. This joint is very strong and durable. It also enhances the reliability of the resultant piece of furniture. This is crucial as it allows the final item to be strong enough for long-term use.

Cutting of Angles

In any piece of metalwork or woodwork, certain angles will inevitably have to be cut. These angles are often cut with the aim of producing joints. They also come in handy whenever the item needs to be shaped appropriately. No other woodwork equipment cuts angles well than the saw scroll. This is mainly due to its extreme agility and the thin blades.

Crafting of Intricate Designs

Certain designs incorporate great intricacy. These mainly include detailed decorations and sculptures. In order to craft these intricate designs, a saw scroll is by all means necessary. This is because it is the tool that is capable of crafting these designs. This is mainly because of its extremely thin blades. Its ease of use and the ability to vary the speed of operations are the two other core relevant traits.

Formation of Intarsia

Intarsia refers to the use of species of wooden shapes to create pictures and artwork that exude great beauty. Scroll saw plays a pivotal role in the formation of intarsia. This is because they work with great speed, are easy to handle, generate accurate results, and emit less dust.


Of course, the five applications listed above are not all that the saw may be utilized for. It, therefore, goes without saying that there are innumerable others that have been inevitably left out. The onus is thus on the part of the respective would-be user to carry out further research. In all, a scroll saw is a carpenter’s worthy companion. No serious carpenter may even contemplate overlooking it. It should thus form a part and parcel of each carpenter’s armory.

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