What is nerf war

Nerf guns are a lot of fun for both children and adults. People can take these nerf guns to a new level and begin to have a nerf war. This is a guide on how to nerf war while keeping things fun and making sure no one is getting hurt.


 Finding a Location

Even though nerf pellets are soft a lot of room is needed. If they hit items inside of the home things can still get broken. Look for a large open location outdoors. Make sure there location is free of people and provide coverage. If nothing else find a large backyard to start the war in. Once there is a location the group should go over the rules of the game and which nerf guns are allowed. They should also get some safety equipment together such as eye protection. Nerf bullets may be soft but if they can still hurt.

 Ways to Play

Teams can wear different colored shirts so it is easy to tell them apart. Players can shoot their nerf guns at each other until there are only players on one team left standing. Capture the flag is also a popular nerf war game. Whatever team gets closest to the other team’s flag after 20 minutes can be the winner. If a player gets hit during the battle they are out of this round of the game. Defend the fort is popular as well. One team sets up a fort and they need to have the other team try to come and take it over. Teams can take turn being on the offense and the defense.

 Tips for Winning

In order to win the nerf war a team has to be able to work together. There should be one person in charge of the strategies and the plan of attack. The team should up with code words and hand gestures for community. Some of these codes word should include commands for attack and retreat. It is also helpful to set up traps to get the other team. If there is something that provides cover in the yard there should be some team members hiding behind it at all times. Keep in mind that nerf bullets are light and the wind can change their direction when they are fired. Wait until the wind stops blowing to fire and take into account of the angle that the bullet may go in. Even under normal conditions the light nerf material may not go exactly where it is intended to go. It is wise to hid ammunition refills somewhere on the playing field. While nerf guns can hold several rounds they will run out. There should be extra hidden around so a person can keep on playing until the round is over.

There are some tips to setting up a nerf war. These nerf bullets are lightweight and they are great for pretend fights. Teams can have fun showing off their skill and seeing which team will be the nerf champions.

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