What to Look for When Buying Crossbows

2Buying a crossbow for the first time can be hard. After all, the only way you get to know how this item work is by trying it. Here are the things you need to look for when buying one:

  1. This is the first thing that you will have in mind when buying any weapon from a store. When it comes to crossbows, look for the one with an auto safety engage and anti-dry-fire device feature. When the crossbow is dry fired, it causes the limbs to crack. It also breaks the stings. This may cut your arms or injure your face. That is why safety features mentioned above are very important.
  2. A machine aluminum riser is preferable.
  3. Look for a trigger system that is made of metal and devoid of travel. This must not exceed 4 lbs. trigger pull and must have a nylon retention spring. A metal spring has the tendency to bend.
  4. Choose for high-quality limbs. If you do so, you have higher chances of getting a lifetime warranty for the product.
  5. When it comes to size and weight, choose a crossbow that is fairly compact. The smaller it is the better. The length must not also exceed 36 inches and must not be more than 26 inches wide. The weight must be less than 8 lbs. too. This makes the item more handy to carry around, regardless if it is at the hunting site, on a deer stand or in your blind.
  6. The bolts must be 20 inches and above and must not lower 425 grains so it will have a good kinetic energy.
  7. Opt for a multi retical high-quality scope and look for the one with a waterproof feature. A shockproof product with a lifetime warranty will be perfect.
  8. The speed should not be lower than 320 and must have 20 inches 425-grain arrow.
  9. Comfort must never be neglected. The weapon should be easy to hold and can be balanced with ease right in front of you. It must not have forearm design or forward lean that poses the risk of injury to your fingers.
  10. With good build and design, the crossbow must have a quiet operation.
  11. The cocker tool and crank must be removable. So, better employ a cocker or a crank. Should the crank brakes during one of your trips; you can always use a rope cocker as an alternative. This is fast, quiet and allows you to draw the crossbow with ease.
  12. Choose a product with parts that are offered with a lifetime warranty. However, this excludes the cables and stings which must be changed every 500 shots.

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