What types of patio heaters do you get

Patio heaters are essential items any outdoorsy homeowner should have. These devices are important in the sense that they can make the outdoor stay in windy beach houses and mountainside lodges immensely comfortable with our outdoor furniture. It is quite known that spending nights out in the open in seaside places as well as in mountainous regions can be very cold. To make the best out of these outer surfaces, a convenient source of warmth is of great value.The two common heating technologies being used in patio heaters include propane and halogen.So, what types of patio heaters do you get?

There are various types of patio heaters including wall-mounted, tabletop and freestanding. Find more here of the pros and cons of the various models of patio heaters.


Halogen patio heaters use halogen bulbs or tubes for heating. Though halogen bulbs are energy-efficient, their operation requires a large quantity of electricity. Halogen heaters involve fire hazards because of the high temperatures and fragility of the bulb. It is recommended to use halogen lamps that have a heat-resistant casing and an automatic shutoff mechanism to ensure safety.


Propane heaters involve fuel-activated conductors that heat the surrounding air. Though Propane does not cause pollution, the heat does consume oxygen in the air and release carbon monoxide. Thus propane heaters are not suitable for a closed patio. Choose a heater with a sensor that can shut it off when carbon monoxide is detected. The advantage of Propane is that is a highly efficient fuel that involves minimal energy loss in the heating process.


Shaped like a lamp post, freestanding patio heaters available in both halogen and propane versions. As these have full-surround heat emissions, freestanding patio heaters are useful for heating large areas like in outdoor restaurant seating areas. These are not easily portable but are much more stable than their tabletop counterparts. The heating element is placed on top, which makes it safely out of reach from children.


These are smaller in size, portable and available only in halogen. These are lightweight heaters that can be hung anywhere. Ideal for smaller patios, the heating of wall mounted heaters could be slightly ineffective, as the heat is emitted in a single direction and not in a centralized pattern. For larger spaces, you might need slightly larger wall-mounted heaters. Wall mounted heaters are child-friendly as these can be hung away from the reach of children.

Stylish and decorative, these patio heaters would resemble table lamps and subtly complement the d├ęcor of the patio. These heaters have full surround emission systems that make them effective heaters. There are both halogens and propane heaters. Handy and smart tabletop heaters can be easily carried around. However, these are not suited for heating up large areas and have the potential risk of being tipped over by someone reaching across the table.

When it pertains to model types, these items can be had into two main classifications – the portable and the permanent units. The portable devices, in turn, can be categorized into table-top and free-standing pieces. On the other hand, the permanent devices can be broken down into wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted units. All of them can be purchased in designer finishes of stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze.

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