Which Is The Best Automatic Espresso Machine For Home

bestespresso for home

There’s no mystery as to why people faithfully enjoy and love their home espresso machines. Espresso machines can:

    • Produce highly concentrated gourmet coffee.

    • Keep and maintain temperatures at your liking.

    • Save you money in the future from purchasing expensive beverages and unnecessary trips.

    • It sure looks nice on your countertops.

But not just any Home Espresso Machine. There are tons out there, but some won’t touch certain Espresso machines like the Breville BES920XL. After all, a machine should be truly great because this isn’t a coffee pot, this is an investment.

That’s why we can recommend to you this dual-boiler Espresso Machine as the Best home espresso machine of the year. Finding and reviewing the best home espresso machine of the year wasn’t easy after researching many worthy machines, but the Breville BES920XL was too good to pass up. Here’s everything you need to know!

The Main Event-Features

The Breville BES920XL is definitely worth the brew, but it does come at a price. Well worth the price. This home Espresso machine comes equipped with a water hardness test grip and a descale alert an attribute to ensuring great quality and making it easier for you, the user.

It’s made with a sleek design, and looks great on your counters and the LCD displays add to the flavor of this machine’s appearance. The LCD display tells you your time of brew for extra convenience, shot clock and time.

Italian Pump And PID Temp Control

Breville’s BES920XL features a quality tested and durable Italian pump that handles simultaneously steams and extracts. If you want the right water temperature, this machine has you covered with the electronic PID Temp Control for a precise setting to your liking.

Easy To Access And Use

A consistent and easy to use machine providing the best blends and brews you could ask for. If you want to fill the water tank, you won’t have to worry about wrestling with the Breville BE Dual boiler, as it is located in the front for your added convenience. The dual stainless steel boilers really bring out maximum steam.

Advantages Of Breville

    • A 2 year warranty: Aside from being made by one of the more outstanding companies making coffee and espresso makers, this machine is backed by a 2 year repair warranty.

    • The water hardness test grips tests your water hardness during setup, which is very helpful for a quality brew.

    • Luxury of choice, you can make a double or single shot with the dual-boiler.

    • Operates on a smart electronic PID system regulating water temps for efficiency.

    • Designed to fit anywhere in your home and around your kitchen.

    • You could even use the Breville BES920XL for commercial purposes.

    • Great taste and control features.

Disadvantages Of Breville BES920XL

    • Power consumer: If you are looking for something energy efficient, this may not be the espresso maker for you. Runs on 110-120 volts.

    • Can be a little messy.

    • On the high end of price.

    • Some customers have complained about the pump faltering after a year or two.

The Verdict

So, yes the Breville BES920XL is on the pricey side, and has a few disadvantages, but I challenge you to try and find a higher rated, a machine with great performance, that offers a delightful brew each and every time while being easy to use. You’ll be hard pressed. That’s why the Breville BES920XL is the top espresso machine of the year for your home.

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